Terrorism in America

Make no mistake: any act of terrorism, regardless of their race, is immoral and abhorrent, and those individuals that do commit such acts deserve to be brought to justice.

See Trump Dodge

It's no secret that Trump has had it out for Obama since his candidacy, but these are people's lives that could be forever changed is something isn't done.

Walk With Senator McCoy

In the Des Moines area September 4th? Want to walk in a parade with one of the best Iowa senators of all time? Want to be surrounded by good vibrations and amazing people dressed in a happy yellow? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you need to save the date because... Continue Reading →

Love Trumps Hate

Since Trump became president the racists have been oozing out of the woodwork like an infectious slime, empowered by the so-called president’s absolute lack of cultural knowledge and cockamamie belief system regurgitated in unintelligible posts on Twitter. The sayings “We love that he speaks his mind!” and my all-time laughable favorite, “He’s going to make... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a Former Foster Child

The Iowa Department of Services has recently been placed under scrutiny after the bodies of Natalie Finn and Sabrina Ray were found in the homes of their foster parents – and more recently – the conviction of two Iowa foster parents for abuse of their adoptive children. The Des Moines Register reports that in all... Continue Reading →

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