Terrorism in America

There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to the definition of terrorism. Some argue any act that could result in widespread terror should be considered terrorism, while others incessantly argue that there must be a political or religious reason behind it. Whatever you define the term as, you would probably agree that when the term is thrown around it’s almost always used to describe people from the Middle East and are usually Muslim or Islamic. I don’t really like to make things about race, but I would have to be incredibly naïve if I didn’t see the difference between how some react to acts committed by someone who is not of Caucasian origin and those who are. “Look up the real definition of terrorism!” critics virtually shout at people making any comment that would even begin to make a correlation between the race of the terrorist and how they are described in the media and by everyday Americans.

Some may not consider what happened in Las Vegas to be an act of terrorism due to its lack of political or religious motive, but the Nazi sympathizer who drove through a group of peaceful protesters certainly had both ideological and political motivation. I can’t help but notice that this obvious neo-Nazi   terrorist is instead called an “Ohio man” or “Alleged driver.” Make no mistake: any act of terrorism, regardless of their race, is immoral and abhorrent, and those individuals that do commit such acts deserve to be brought to justice. It’s the amount of focus that is put on Muslim and Islamic religion’s whole communities and that I have an issue with. When it’s discovered that the terrorist is of “Muslim” or “Islamic” faith –  both of which are peaceful and nonviolent –  there is mass hysteria among some Americans. The media only then call the individual a terrorist, delving into their unfortunate misinterpretations of both religions and making everyday followers of the faiths into targets of Xenophobia. Stop including whole religions in hate speeches and putting innocent people’s lives and overall well-being in danger and start focusing on the real threat: all hate groups and individuals that spread widespread terror through our country.

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