Testimony of a YouTuber

An exceptional movie, TV show, game reviewer and overall great human being, Khalil Hacker gives honest in-depth reviews that are both educational and highly entertaining. You don’t really see a lot of videos on YouTube that give an actual review and not just their reaction to it, although those videos are also definitely interesting. Khalil also saves the lives and wallets of many a moviegoer by volunteering himself as tribute and determining whether the movie is worth your time or a complete flop by using a simple, but effective, 1-10 scale: 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, Khalil’s drive towards success is inspired by his late great-grandmother, who he called Nana. “She was the most wonderful human being I’ve ever known and to this day I try to live by her example. I’m still striving to make Nana proud.”

Khalil started his YouTube channel, formerly known as Slacker Reviews and currently Slacker Productions, a little over 2 years ago. He spent the first year of the channel’s life strictly reviewing movies before it evolved into the content that you see on his channel today. After receiving multiple suggestions to start his own channel Khalil thankfully obliged, deciding to revolve the channel around film. He came up with the idea after spending time watching many YouTube reviews and had brought some issues to light about them. “Not many would take the time to explain their opinion or look into the actual craft of filmmaking. I figured I have a camera. I can do the same thing, but hopefully inform the audience a bit more.” And that he did, I personally find watching his videos to be extremely useful before going to see the movie. Surprisingly, Khalil feels his biggest challenge has always been himself. He is his own worst critic and constantly feels as though his work isn’t quite up to his standard of quality as it could be, but says that the amount of love and support that he gets from his fans encourages him to push on and continue to make more content. When asked his favorite genre he replied that he doesn’t really have one and looks instead at how well the film was made.

He strongly believes that it’s solely the amount of passion, love, and joy that goes into making a movie that makes or breaks it. “If a movie is being made only for the money it is basically heartless. There is no joy or passion, which does not make for art. But if those involved truly love what they are doing, the heart involved in the filmmaking will show up on screen.” Whether he’s reviewing a movie, game, or a TV show –  he has a presence about him that draws you in and makes it feel like he’s a good friend of yours – even if you’ve never met him in your life. I kindly urge you to check out his channel, Slacker Productions, if you want reviews of the latest films to hit the big screen. And make sure you like his Facebook page , also called Slacker Productions, to keep in the loop and gaze upon his many hilariously photoshopped photos.

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