Love Thy Body

There’s nothing more soul-warming than hearing and reading about female empowerment; with the current political climate we need it more than ever. This carries over into fashion as there are massive changes being made to the industry. France has passed a law banning the use of excessively thin models while LVMH and Kering – both well-known France based conglomerates –  are working together to make major changes to the working conditions their models work under. There are plus size models like Ashley Graham and actresses like Melissa McCarthy are empowering plus size women and women in general to love the body they were born in. I look up to both of them, they are part of the reason I am so confident today. The amount of love that’s being spread and the message that’s being conveyed is estimable, but like all things positive, there are people that are completely missing the message that’s being put forth and making the movement into a competition of sorts, spreading more hate and negativity than body positivity.

There are ways to go about being body positive, and criticizing others who don’t quite fit into a certain group isn’t one of them. I’ve never been super skinny; I’ve always had stretch marks and remember standing in the mirror wondering what I could do to change the way I look. That being said I’ve also had comments made about my weight, it’s a very unpleasant experience to go through so I understand how some feel the need to strike back. But what some need to realize is that it has a lasting impact on the people they are targeting, some already having negative connotations about the way they look. I should also make it clear that I’m not only talking about plus size women, I’ve seen this superfluous back and forth going on between both the skinny and plus size communities. Women are absolutely ravishing beings capable of accomplishing extraordinary things, let us stop the negativity and instill confidence, happiness, and love in one another.

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