See Trump Dodge

Tuesday Donald Trump announced the ending of the Deterred Action for Childhood Arrivals– a program put in place by former President Barack Obama to protect children who arrived here with their parents – by giving congress 6 months to come up with a more permanent solution. While repugnant and immoral, this allowed Trump to save face with his supporters by going through with what he promised them without making an actual decision himself. The lives of the 800,000 citizens placed in this program hang in the balance, fearful of what is going to come in the next 6 months. Trump has admitted that the participants in this program, also known as Dreamers, are beneficial to the US and knew the decision was going to be difficult, yet he still went through with the dismissal of the program. It’s no secret that Trump has had it out for Obama since his candidacy, but these are people’s lives that could be forever changed if something isn’t done. Trump is not taking this situation as seriously as it should be, if he were the program would be left in place and not removed out of a desire to see everything with Obama’s name on it gone.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims that DACA is denying jobs to “hundreds of thousands of Americans” by giving them to illegal aliens, not only is this extremely unprofessional but it’s untrue. The program was put in place to protect children who arrived in America before the age of 16 from deportation, allowing them to apply for a work permits and go to school without fear of legal repercussions. That makes them legal citizens, not illegal aliens. In fact, with the amount of people reaching retirement age companies are in dire need to fill jobs because there aren’t enough Americans and the unemployment rate in America is actually historically low. I’ve found some beneficial resources that cover what we can do to help Dreamers defend their right to be here and resources Dreamers can utilize. I can’t possibly understand the feelings they and their parents –  who have given up everything to come to a country they aren’t familiar with so their children can have a better life – are going through them at this moment. But I hope they do know that there are so many people who are just as outraged by this decision and are going to do whatever they can to fight this, myself included.

This whole situation is gratuitous as there are many Americans are in support of the program. We have so many other emergencies that are in need of his attention: so many people in Texas have lost everything just in time for Trump to cut funding to FEMA, North Korea is threatening to start another world war, Montana is experiencing a detrimental wildfire and Hurricane Irma is about to hit Florida. Focusing on doing away with a program that has allowed these great individuals to greatly contribute to our society is not the proper thought process of a president.

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