Walk With Senator McCoy

In the Des Moines area September 4th? Want to walk in a parade with one of the best Iowa senators of all time? Want to be surrounded by good vibrations and amazing people dressed in a happy yellow? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you need to save the date because all of that is going down at the Labor Day Parade- Walk with Matt event. Matt McCoy is a proud member of the Liberal Party and is currently serving his 7th term in the Iowa Senate and is kicking ass doing it. Becoming the very first openly Gay politician in Iowa legislature, he’s been breaking down barriers since 1992. He fights for the rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community and speaks out against injustice and wrongdoing for people who are afraid to or simply cannot. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Senator McCoy speak at The Women’s March: he has an aura that makes you feel like he’s a close friend, even if he’s speaking to a crowd of people. He is a genuinely caring individual, taking the needs of all Iowans seriously and doing everything in his power to improve the lives of all its citizens, I don’t think we see enough politicians like that. He’s worked with the House and Senate in capping tuition costs for Iowa state’s universities, is continuously fighting to improve Iowa’s economy and make health care affordable to both low-income and middle-class families. Whether he’s fighting for improvement and change of Iowa legislature or giving a heartfelt speech to a crowd of people, his personality and integrity is something you really have to see for yourself.

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