Love Trumps Hate

Since Trump became president the racists have been oozing out of the woodwork like an infectious slime, empowered by the so-called president’s absolute lack of cultural knowledge and cockamamie belief system regurgitated in unintelligible posts on Twitter. The sayings “We love that he speaks his mind!” and my all-time laughable favorite, “He’s going to make America great again!” are on a constant loop throughout his supporters; wishful thinking at best. Trump gets behind a podium, swells his chest and makes promises to change to America: make Mexico pay for a wall, change the current health care system immediately, solve the illegal immigrant “crisis” and make women unable to make decisions regarding their own bodies. And they go crazy for it, as if he’s a God! He’s lying to their faces –  it’s been proven on multiple occasions – yet they still blindly follow him. He’s been in office for about 8 months now and all he’s done is attempt to separate the United States of America, get close to starting World War 3 and make this country, once respected, the laughing stock of the world. I find myself rather intrigued by his followers’ thought processes in the same way I would a serial killer’s, what makes them think the way they do? If they are not what the rest of America assumes they are: gullible racists who haven’t the slightest clue what it means to be American, then why do they still follow him?

What really boggles my mind is that although his group of supporters consists of mostly Caucasian people there are also people of other races that also support him. I once had a Hispanic Uber driver attempt to give me a 30-minute lecture about how Trump is the best president yet and how he’s going to make America great again then had the audacity to complain to me about the African community.  And it doesn’t stop there: upon my daily scroll through my newsfeed I came across an article that had a picture of an African-American man at Trump’s Phoenix rally, sitting there as if he’s not at all the target of Trump’s political wrath, as if Trump hadn’t been quoted saying white supremacists are, “Very fine people, as if Trump’s father wasn’t thought to be a possible member of the Klan . Doesn’t he realize that Trump is widely known for his duplicitous ways? And how does one go from being a radical black supremacist to being a supporter of an alleged white supremacist sympathizer? There is no denying that Trump has attempted to set America back years with his backward way of thinking, but the times of Jim Crow and needing to hide who you really are out of fear of retaliation are over. Never again will we sit in the back of the bus, never again will we ever feel inferior to whites, never again will we hide our love for someone because they’re a member of the same sex or are a different race. Some might compare Trump’s presidency to a plague, rampaging through the country and sucking the life out of its citizens, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But I think we should also look at the good that came out of this, I’ve never seen so many people come together and fight for what’s right. People of many races, belief systems and walks of life are making their voices heard, and it’s beautiful. Trump may have a small group of people who are trying to take a colossal step back but what they don’t realize is that there is an even larger group of people who have learned from mistakes in the past and are hell-bent on ensuring that it never repeats itself.


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