Let’s Get Diabetes Part 1

So that wonderful time in August has come once again. The Iowa State Fair graces us with its presence once a year, for ten days of gluttony, rides, horrid smelling cattle barns, the beautifully violent East Side Night, arts displays, concerts, tractors and horrible parking. This first of at least two articles is going to cover the new foods at the fair this year, which all sound oh so delectable.

Featured in the top is the Apple Taco, available near the Varied Industries Building, the Cultural Center Courtyard, the Triangle and in Walnut Square. Think churro but in a deep fried taco shell, two tart Granny Smith Apple slices, covered in caramel and whipped cream topped with cinnamon sugar.

Golden Fry Choco Pocko

I’m having trouble saying this, but the Golden Fry Choco Pocko, a deep fried hazelnut and chocolate cream filled treat. Oh, and like good fair food it comes on a stick. Near the main entrance and the Varied Industries Building.


A bruschetta sundae. As an honorary south-side resident I’m a big fan of Italian foods. Not only does this look incredible, it is the most well stocked bruschetta I’ve seen in a long time. Fresh olives, a balsamic fig reduction lava, pine nuts coupled with fire roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and a fresh heirloom tomato. If you don’t bleed pasta sauce after this then we’ll have an issue. Located by Grandfather’s Barn.

The list goes on in length, but these are the top three I must try before the fair closes its gates for another year. Check out the whole list of new foods herehere and while you’re at it tell us what you’ve tried and liked.


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