The Wondrous World of Kenzie

Makenzie’s world is filled with wonder, beauty, and mystery. She sees the everyday structures we take for granted through a filter completely unique to her, gazing at them not as objects, but as beautiful pieces of natural art. Although Makenzie is an extremely talented artist there’s a sense of modesty about her. She never claims to be the best of the best and even admits that she is still learning and perfecting her skill, which I truly admire. She has completely immersed herself in art, never far away from her beloved sketchbook.

Mackenzie Horn, 20, believes that the job of an artist in society is to not only tell a story but to express it. She states, “We use color overlays and pallets to express emotions even when a person is not in frame.” She’s highly inspired by color pallets and nature, having an entire sketchbook dedicated to the topic. Being able to work with anything from paints and pastels to Photoshop, expanding her horizons for her portfolio is fundamental to her. She takes inspiration and learns a lot through her favorite artists, from Tumblr artists to creators of her favorite cartoons. But her absolute favorite artist is Michelle Czajkowski; creator of the popular webcomic Ava’s Demon – who she gets her most inspiration from.

Watercolors and ink mix are the forms of art that she identifies most with; she says there’s something really calming in looking through Pinterest and seeing images with a few splotches of color overlaid with geometric shapes. When it comes to how her technique has changed over the years, she says she’s made a complete circle:

“It started with creating my own pallets. Then I saw my art teacher in the 6th grade draw a cat, which kick-started two years of purrfecting (get it?) my cat before I moved to people. Now I do people, settings, and nature with my own color pallets. Before I worked only with paints, then colored pencils before going back to paints. And finally ending on Photoshop, but my journey is never over. Within the last year alone, my style went from realist to cartoonism and I’m still learning.”

Kenzie describes her style of art as being western. She says in the world of cartoon creation; every creator has their very own style and rules that they are very consistent with. From the eyes to the number of fingers the characters have, it’s what sets one artist apart from the other. Being this talented comes with its share of setbacks. She has lost some of her best work due to Photoshop quitting on her. Freelancing seems to be rather difficult because of the tedious work of creating a fanbase, stating that original art doesn’t build a fan base as quickly as one would like. Between college and a full-time job having enough time to work on her art seems to be a challenge. But she doesn’t let such setbacks get in the way of her going after her dream; when she’s not running around at work you can find her with her nose in a sketchbook. She has created several social media sites to increase her fanbase ( and has no problem with starting over if she loses her work, saying that she usually prefers the second attempt. Kenzie is a strong-willed, open-minded dreamer who lets nothing get in her way at achieving her dreams. Her optimism and tenacity are truly admired, and her creations are out of this world. You can check out some of her work below.

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