Art by Hannah


From a very young age, I’ve been enthralled by any type of art. I think it’s incredible how an individual can look at block of clay, an empty piece of paper or even a pile of what some would consider trash and make it into something so breathtaking – and with so much emotion going into every minute detail that you can feel exactly what the artist was feeling as they were creating it. I have always wanted to be like them, creating wonderful art for people to pour themselves onto. Unfortunately, I have been cursed with a very ungainly pair of hands and couldn’t trust myself around breakables. But alas, I still appreciate art greatly. Thankfully I have a good friend whose hands are graceful enough to create such beautiful art.

Hannah Peine, 21, was born and raised right here in Iowa but moved to Florida with her boyfriend a few years ago. Her passionate love affair with art started at a young age the very moment her little hands touched polymer clay. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2013, she found it difficult to create artwork, describing this feeling as a roadblock being placed in front of her. But she pushes through this feeling, trying to make herself create something each day, even if it’s a small doodle. Using her imagination she’s become a woman of many talents – whether she’s painting for her clients, creating morbidly beautiful horror makeup or just sketching – she does it all with such dexterity. Although Peine doesn’t feel her art shows it, her favorite artist is Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter. Being a woman of many talents, she has a few different descriptions when it comes to the art she creates:

“It would depend on what kind of artwork we are talking about. My sketches tend to be semi-realistic. If I’m working with paint, be it watercolor, oil, or acrylic, my best pieces tend to be very bright and organic. If I’m working with horror makeup, I like things to look either very realistic and disturbing, or campy and outrageous, depending on what the look is being used for.”

Having all this amazing art, Hannah decided there needed to be a place where all her artwork was in one place, and Art by Hannah was created ( You can find all that she’s created so far, and another link to her Etsy store, where she sells one-of-a-kind cards for every occasion. Hannah has been through the ringer but has come out a champion. She uses her art to cope with feelings that she cannot control, using those emotions to make truly beautiful art. She pushes herself through the toughest times, even when she doesn’t have the energy to do so, making her one of the strongest women I know.  You can see examples of her art below.




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